At the core of Big Block Studios is our method of demystifying the traditional advertising agency model. Our clients get the benefits of big agency thinking without big agency prices. With a scalable team of creative, social media, and visual professionals, we create compelling content through the use of storytelling and preeminent design services. Big Block’s fresh ideas and ingenuity help you stand out from the crowd.


The artisans at Big Block come from diverse backgrounds including graphic design, fine art, branding, traditional and digital marketing, video and audio production, and journalism. With all that creative mojo in the air, there is no shortage of critical internal review. We scrutinize the work and push each other to develop the very best product. And when we disagree – we take the civilized approach and talk things out over tacos.


The backbone of advertising has always been creative writing. Copywriting feeds every service within Big Block, and we tailor the message to serve specific needs ranging from entertainment and education to SEO and SEM. However, the writer's imagination and descriptive powers always drive the strategy. Because everything we deploy begins with the written word. At the end of the day – it’s all about storytelling.


A brand is as individual as a snowflake. It has its own multifaceted collection of elements that compose the whole. This “DNA” makes up the core essence – which is the distillation of a consumer’s opinion of your company. We zero in on that and paint a picture showing the value of creating a relationship with the brand. Understanding that different audiences seek different solutions, we also create a sub-brand ecosystem when appropriate.


Despite the rise of social media, there is still huge value in sharing your message through third-party channels such as paid advertising and sponsorships. Traditional outlets such as print, radio, television, display, direct mail, and paid search remain a viable source of leads. Big Block analyzes your target audience, current analytics, trends, and market demographics to blend together the ideal media mix.


Your online presence typically includes a blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and any other relevant social media channels. As part of our integrated approach, Big Block Studios nurtures and maintains those online channels to create the connective tissue between consumers and your product or service. We refine profile content and images, and revise logos and graphics to align with the new branding and achieve continuity.



With quality and consistency, social media marketing is an effective way to build interest and a following over time. We want you to understand the cross-functional efforts that go into properly deploying an ongoing daily social strategy. In addition, we empower your own team members to participate in and embrace the process. This supports our efforts, and motivates your employees as they see the program gain momentum.


Content marketing is the progressive development of materials to support your campaign messaging while providing interesting and relevant material for your online audience. This content serves as both a retention and recruitment tool. Through your content, we can tell great stories, answer common questions and concerns, and develop a progressive narrative campaign that leads your audience through the marketing funnel.


Email is an essential tool for engaging and growing an audience. It is an effective way to keep customers informed. And with more than half of US cell phone owners accessing email on their phones, it’s an inexpensive route to reaching mobile users without a big technology investment. Big Block Studios creates a monthly email drop complete with campaign ties, links to social content, and specific calls to action.



Big Block Studios executes a boots-on-the-ground approach for conferences, trade shows, and festivals. We start with preemptive messaging directed at people planning to attend the event. This “teaser” marketing generates interest and entices the audience to attend and start engaging online. Using a detailed, linear approach, Big Block ramps up interest and activity as we get closer to the event.


Once the event is in motion, so are we. From the beginning of the day to the end, our teams are in motion creating content with participants using video, audio, interactive activities, and more. But we don’t wait until the party is over to show what happened. It’s incredibly important in a social media environment to consistently share content and engage the live audience at the event as well as people participating virtually.


After establishing audience relationships during an event, organizers often abandon that fan base until the next year. At Big Block Studios, our experiences have shown that post-event audience nurturing is essential. Therefore, we go to great lengths to develop and collect content throughout the event, and then extend the conversation well into the future. Later, we embrace this audience and recruit them as ambassadors for the next event.



Every business is unique, and communicating the company’s needs and direction to your team can be an operational hurdle. That’s why it is often efficient and effective to bring in outside training. You get everyone up to speed – and on the same page – in a neutral and positive environment. Big Block can conduct training seminars for your employees, or offer one of our many presentations on marketing concepts, social media, or business strategy.


We developed a boutique photo studio inside our multi-discipline agency. Simply stated, we liked what we did in-house better than what we got from third-party photographers. Because we are close to your brand, we deliver the right message through photography. In the same way that great photography brings a brand to life (that whole “picture is worth a thousand words” thing), a compelling video production adds an additional multiplier to the message.


So what do you want to accomplish? If it fits into any of our categories, we can help you. And if it doesn't fit into any of our categories – we can still help you. We have a vast network of creative professionals and co-conspirators to call on when necessary. Everything is outlined in a proposal with milestones and expectations to ensure that we establish a relationship built on clear goals, not amorphous hopes.