We've Been Waiting For You

Somewhere, at this moment, a traditional advertising agency is six months behind schedule on a client’s re-branding project. Creative is still waiting on research from Account Planning. Development is trying to fix bugs in the WordPress theme. And Finance will charge extra for scope creep.

That’s why the old advertising agency model is taking its last dying gasp – and why we followed our dream of creating an anti-agency. We wanted something small and nimble that eliminates the dysfunctional hierarchy, unnecessary meetings, and fiscal bloat of the old guard. 

We founded Big Block Studios (BBS) in 2000 as a virtual consortium of content, advertorial, interactive, social media, photo/video, and marketing professionals. After growing disillusioned with their stale roles in the big-agency framework, each decided he or she didn’t want to stick around and be the last one to turn out the lights.

Now together we create elevated, compelling content through the use of storytelling and preeminent design services. We assign a unique, hand-picked group of creative professionals to each project. That team handles development, nurturing, and ongoing maintenance of all project elements.

Simply stated – you get the right people doing the work specific to your industry.



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