Justice MitchellCreative Grease Monkey

After two decades in marketing and advertising, Justice is recognized internationally for his ability to concept on the fly while he creates heightened brand awareness and engagement for companies that span multiple industries. Clients and colleagues know he has a track record of delivering award-winning creative content, and consider him a respected voice as a professional blogger and social influencer. This socially minded, creative executive uses a Swiss Army knife in his branding because it is a visual representation of the diverse skills he brings to the party. Justice is experienced in leading and motivating teams, as well as conceptualizing and executing creative campaigns.

Justina PrattKnuckle-Duster

In her role as the "Queen Bee" at Big Block Studios, she makes sure that after a decade of launching Home Depot stores and marketing program deployment for countless brands, she keeps the doors open. Also Pratt is the live events goddess, much like a Swiss Army Knife™ she holds many keys to getting jobs to successful completion and also acts as a valuable interpreter when speaking to our creative staff. She's our Lara Croft.

John Terry — Wordy McWord Maker

A storyteller at heart, John has more than 20 years of experience in content marketing, copywriting, and journalism. John elevates projects that are in need of fresh interpretation, messaging and insight. He takes a journalistic approach to brand development, researching the story from the inside out to help consumers feel a personal connection with the product or service.

Jim Hobart — Shooter

With more than 30 years' experience in photography, and 15 years in the design, marketing and advertising field, Jim brings a blend of technical, aesthetic and business experience to every assignment. His photography career with film, and made the complete transition to digital some years ago, purchasing all new, highest-quality lenses and cameras. Digital photography is a rapidly-changing industry, but having the finest optics and the skill to use them remain constant. Macbeth Photography is working to become the first name people think of when they need photography in Central Florida — and that's why he's on our team.

Tom Jelneck — Searchn' Teller

Tom provides expert digital marketing consultation services and coaching to small- and medium-sized businesses across the globe. He focuses digital marketing campaigns in the right direction with the right systems and the right strategy. His vast experience with search engine marketing, search engine optimization, and online marketing make him a go-to media resource for journalists covering Internet-related stories. Tom is a regular on Fox 35 in Orlando. where his technical knowledge and relatable personality combine to make complex issues understandable to the average viewer.

Jim Taylor — Face Man

Jim is a public relations practitioner with more than 15 years of expertise generating results for accounts in a variety of industries. While he may know his way around a newsroom and have strong traditional media background, Jim also possesses a strong knowledge of the latest social and digital media communication strategies that enable direct conversation with key audiences.

There are others but their names have been changed to protect the innocent.

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